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Jeff Willoughby was born in Danville, Pennsylvania, and somehow managed dealing with the confines of the classroom adequately enough to graduate. A few years after graduation, he married, built a house and worked a job in construction, partnering with his fellow musicians and road crew, all the while honing his musical skills as the bass guitarist in Hybrid Ice, a popular and well-known rock band then, and now.

After signing with Atlanta and Baltimore booking agencies, the group toured extensively, releasing a couple of well-received record albums along the way that garnered radio airplay. Soon, four children were born into the family and all the while he managed to maintain a balance of presence on the road, in the studio and home. By the mid-1990's, change was in the air, musically speaking, and he sensed a different, more visual creative calling, forming a computer graphics and animation business at that time.

He was eventually drawn to teaching and mentoring many eager guitar, bass and vocal students, during which time he continued to write, record and produce music and audio books. During this time he explored other creative, artistic and self-enlightening pursuits, such as aviation and WWII reenacting, as well.

He re-married, making Rebecca Lynn Willoughby his wife as well as his creative partner.

Writing had always been in both of their backgrounds, individually and as collaborators, in literary narratives and scripts.

He continues to teach music and mentor a select group of talented and dedicated students. He also continues to write and record music, as well as having become involved in acting, voice acting and video production. He is involved with editing a huge number of images in an ever-growing collection of original art and photos, some of which are used for illustrations and book covers of his own design. He also takes commissions for the creation of unique combat aircraft skin wall hangings, which have sold internationally. 

And now, another form of expression: He is writing books - and vows there will be many more to come.  


From This Side of Center back cover:

"At some point during my music career I began hearing voices in my head. This was in addition to the perpetual ringing in my ears to which I'd grown accustomed. Rather than seek professional help (for the voices) I decided to write down what they were saying-whether it had a soundtrack or not. And they had a lot to say. Over time, I had many imaginary characters living out their brief existences in 400 to 12,000 word lifespans, interacting with each other and coming and going as they pleased. It was fun to listen and be their interpreter. And I will keep listening and writing what they have to say. But I will also seek that help if I find myself answering them." - Jeff Willoughby


Jeff Willoughby of

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Jeff Willoughby in a 2014 self-portrait that served as the back cover shot for his first book, This Side Of Center, a short story anthology. 

For the record, he hates having his picture taken.

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