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The Award Winning Time Travel Reality Show

A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC-A novella by J.A.Willoughby Read the reviews:

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"Jeff went ahead and continued the story “A Beautiful Day for an Execution” in his story “Season Finale,” [the last story in Encore.] In “A Beautiful Day for an Execution” Jeff used some of today’s technology as well as what we may see in the future by way of time travel, and showed us an actual execution that took place in England in 1541. At the end the announcer invites viewers to tune in next week for the season finale – the crucifixion of Christ. Whoa! How would Jeff handle that one?


Thanks to the prodding of other readers wondering the same thing, Jeff went ahead and wrote the story. Thank you, Jeff. He does not make a mockery of this event. It is handled with all the respect due the execution of Jesus, a human being. Well-researched, and inclusive of even the most trivial of details – sounds, smells, weather, landscape, people - it made me feel as if Jeff had actually witnessed this event and was sharing the story.


I’ll not be a spoiler for this, but the ending – the last sentence – raises a great philosophical question -the great question for some as well as myself. All I can say is get the book." Reviewer on Amazon




Each week the world eagerly awaits the next episode of DEATH SENTENCE!

The Award Winning Time Travel Reality Show takes the viewing audience

back in time to watch famous executions throughout history -

live as they happened.



Rising to mega stardom in just three years on the most watched show in broadcast history, small town native, Allison Jolie, is on top of the world. The beautiful, personable, and slightly eccentric TV star has all the wealth, fame, and admiration she could ever need - that’s how billions of her fans see it. Inside, there is a different girl, one who is looking for what she doesn’t have. Her time jump back to Joan Of Arc’s execution in 1431 was supposed to be routine, just another day on the job. Instead, the events of that day changed the young woman’s life forever. Ride back in time with Allison Jolie for a story that you will never forget – one that will live on in our star for the rest of her life.


An 81-year-old man’s refusal to be bullied in Salem Village of 1692 provides the basis for “The Pressing Of Giles Corey”. Accused of being a witch by the town’s young female gentry, landowner Giles Corey is pressured by the court into entering a plea: guilty or not guilty. He refuses, and “stands mute” and a  sentence of peine forte et dure (hard and forceful punishment) is passed on him.  Soon, large stones are placed on the accused’s chest, designed to force a plea – or effect certain death. Mr. Corey’s only words for the sheriff presiding over his two days of torture: “More weight!” Broadcast of the harrowing event is almost complete when the impossible happens—will the Time Crew ever be able to leave 1692 and get back home?     



               Will history unfold exactly as we have read or been taught?


                  Will what you now know to be true turn out to be a lie?


        Will your world change because you watched DEATH SENTENCE! ?


                 T U N E   I N   A N D   S E E   F O R   Y O U R S E L F !

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