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MASQUE-A New Book Series

“The Offlings” is the name of the First Book in the new MASQUE series by J.A. Willoughby and Rebecca L. Willoughby. It is slated to be released on Amazon in Kindle format Halloween, 2017. The paperback will follow about two weeks later.

This series is a supernatural psychological drama based heavily on fictionalized local historical detail as the setting is in the small fictional town of River Crest, Pennsylvania. The time is 1949 and this book focuses on Dr. Edwin J. Nichols, a troubled WWII Navy veteran who returns to his hometown after the war to practice medicine. He finds that the little iron town is anything but sleepy and the physical world and the unseen one co-exist quite readily when the elusive Offlings are near.

The Offlings are ancient phantasm-like entities whose instinctual purpose is to seek out a troubled human, become their companion and help them find emotional balance in their lives by intimately bonding with them without their knowledge. But in so doing The Offlings unselfishly pay a very high price. Subscribe at for updates about this exciting new series.

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